On the Olive Dragonfly blog, you will find musings on many things including travelfashion (I'm a bit obsessed with maxi skirts!), food and interiors.  I have many interests and love to share projects, occasional art & craft tutorials and the odd review.  I also love photography and am constantly working on taking better pictures, particularly of my family, my twins do feature a lot on the blog these days!  See below to find out more about me and the blog and have fun exploring my little corner of the web.

Originally started way back in February 2011 (which was a pretty big year!), the blog was a place for me to write about all of my little projects and ideas for my wedding.  It was a great way for my Mum to stay involved as she lives abroad and I loved recording it all as it was such a fun time.

Photo by Matt Wagster

I loved writing and sharing my thoughts so decided to continue after I was married and began to write about all the other things I love.  The blog has since developed more of a focus on family as I also love writing about life with my wonderful husband, twin babies and friends.  I also have my own photography website to showcase my landscape & nature photography.

Can't believe our luck!

Bex diving with hubby

I can't resist good food and drinks and I love a bit of fancy dress!  I like to live a life of adventure and love to travel although I can also be found enjoying cosy weekends crafting and baking at home, or blogging of course!  I am obsessed with making lists and keep an optimistic life list which is constantly being updated.  Since becoming a mum to twins in 2014, I've become even more obsessed with taking photos and spend life constantly snapping my gorgeous babies, (if I'm not catching up on sleep)!  Since becoming a mum, life has obviously become even busier so blogging is much more sporadic these days.

Previously based in Glasgow, my husband and I moved to East Sussex when I was 6 months pregnant with the twins and we're all now enjoying life in the countryside in our new house which I'm enjoying perfecting as and when I find the time.

We started doing the Pin It Do It challenge in 2013 and would love to see any of your Pinterest inspired projects, we've already had some submissions for the Wednesday feature and have done plenty ourselves!

I have written a few guest posts for other blogs, mainly on Any Other Woman which is one of my favourite reads (check out the blog snog page for more).  These posts are all indexed here.

You can find individual labels for the things we write about at the very bottom of the blog, including my weight loss journey and struggles with IVF, not to mention my awesome twins, or you can use the search box on the home page to find something specific.  We hope you enjoy reading our little corner of blog-land, we love it here and are thrilled to have so many lovely readers!


You will notice that we have a few other writers on the blog from time to time, as well as irregular guest posts, we also have a couple of more regular guest writers, one of whom is one of my best friends, Roz.

I met Roz after tweeting about a screen printing class I'd booked which Roz also fancied trying so we decided to go together.  We hit it off and have been firm friends ever since.  We have loads in common and have so much fun together, we find it hard to believe we've only known each other since 2012!

Enjoying cocktails at Bex's 31st birthday!

Roz started writing for the blog in January 2013 and has added another voice in her posts about fashionwine and other things she loves.  Roz shares my passion for cooking & bakingeating outcrafts and more importantly, shopping!  She is also enjoying documenting the amazing transformation of her stunning 5 storey Glasgow townhouse.  Roz is also a mum to gorgeous 2 year old Aaron who has been keeping her busy so she hasn't been able to write as much recently and she's just had baby number two, Emily who arrived in April so it might be a while before we hear more about her amazing house and current garden transformation!

Aaron at 1 day old and 1 year old!

A new home project we are lucky to share is Amy's beautiful new house in Essex.  I've known Amy for a few years now and she's recently started a photography business.  You can see some of the wonderful photos she took of the twins' first birthday here.  Having stayed at each other's homes before, I can honestly say I love Amy and James' style, it's very eclectic but stylish and fun.  I can't wait to see what they do with their new place!  Also, didn't she make a stunning bride??

We also have another new guest writer joining the team in 2016.  Alan is a local Dad who loves to cook and he'll be sharing a few of his favourite recipes, particularly with money saving in mind so look out for his tips, tricks and delicious food on the blog soon!

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